Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

As a certified pool and spa operator (CPO) we know the importance of having a clean and well-cared pool to enjoy a perfect weekend. So, our talented experts ensure you always have a clean and ready-to-use pool at your disposal.

Our pool cleaning and pool maintenance services include:

Pool Inspections

As a certified pool and spa inspector (CPI) we offer pool inspections services  that include the following:

During the inspection process, we also assess the following things to guarantee optimal performance and efficiency.


As the warmer months approach, our spring cleanup service focuses on preparing your pool for a delightful and trouble-free swimming season by performing a thorough assessment and clean up after the winter season.

Our skilled technicians will remove any accumulated debris and algae, thoroughly clean your pool and its equipment, and check all components to ensure proper functioning.

We will also take necessary measures to address any winter-related damages, such as cracks and leaks, and perform essential tasks like opening your pool cover, starting the circulation system, and rebalancing the water chemistry.

Then we will thoroughly sanitize your pool to eliminate any present algae or bacteria, ensuring a fresh and clean environment that invites relaxation and leisure. Trust our Green to blue to Great cleanup service to revitalize your pool.

pool repairs and upgrades

We offer a range of pool repair and upgrade services to ensure that your swimming pool remains in pristine condition and operates efficiently throughout the year. Our experienced team is skilled at addressing pool problems.

The pool repair services we provide include the following:

In addition to the essential repair services, our team stays updated on the latest innovations in pool care technology to bring you upgrades that can enhance your pool’s performance.

Winterization Prep

We understand the importance of adequately preparing your pool for the winter season to protect it against potential damages caused by freezing temperatures, ice formation, and snow loads. Our winterization prep services are carefully designed to ensure that your pool remains protected throughout the winter and is ready for use when the warmer season returns.

Our winterization prep includes:

leak detection

With our modern technology we identify the precise location of leaks in swimming pools, water features, spas,  hot tubes and any vessel that holds water.
Our highly sensitive equipment will identify where the leak occurs so repairs can be made.
We are trained And certified pro technicians.


  • Weekly & Bi-weekly Pool Cleaning services
  • Small Repairs
  • Pool Inspections
  • Pool Leak Detection
  • Pipepoxy Pool Pipe Repair System

We are specialized in Cleaning and Pool care. We do offer small repairs. If you have questions about repairs and quotes, please contact us through email or phone.

Prices will depend on the size and location of the pool. To determine pricing we will visit your pool and we will give you a free estimate.

Great Bath offers pool cleaning services to keep your pool clean, safe and crystal clear all year long here in Texas. Maintaining your pool serviced and clean all year keeps your pool swim-ready so that when hot temperatures approaches, you can enjoy your pool and dive right in.

To maintain a pool it is very necessary the use of chemicals, but if handled improperly, it can pose a safety hazard. Best practice is to hire a trained pool technician. We are CPO & CPI certified and we understand how to measure and administer the precise timing and number of chemical treatment each pool requires.